Had the Baby, Still Figuring it Out
07/30/14, The Sculpture Garden

The National Sculpture Garden on the Mall is great for kids.  It’s pretty small, mostly contained and lots of greenery and a central water fountain to run around.




07/28/24, Keys

You know that my keys don’t open every lock, right?

07/25/14, Keeping Busy in the Stroller

Nina was acting a fool on our way home from the market, so I took the watermelon out from under the stroller, handed her a sheet of stickers, and next thing I knew…beautiful, rare, incredible, joyous silence.

07/23/14, Lovely Day at the Aquarium

Baltimore Aquarium at the Inner Harbor has fishies, views, and loads of places for lunch. Even though Nina had a tough day (two molars and burgeoning Hand, Foot and Mouth), we had a great time.  


07/22/14, Prison Wives

07/18/14, I’m So Sad

This photo of Nina walking by herself up the stairs of where she’ll be going to daycare in August stirs up a lot of emotion for me.  


07/16/14, Leave Britney Alone!!!!!!!!



07/14/14, Doggies

What’s so interesting over there, guys?


07/11/14, Let’s Get Some Shoes

Shoes. Shoes. Let’s Get Some Shoes.

(anyone get this reference)

07/09/14, Watch Out, We’ve Got a Biter

Well, really Nina just bites her only girlfriend Lila.  Don’t know if that makes it better or not….this photo was unfortunately captured seconds before her first bite ever.  So sad. Look how happy and innocent Lila is :-(