Had the Baby, Still Figuring it Out
10/20/14, My Little Monkey

10/17/14, Squirrel!

Nina thinks she’s one with fauna. She just hasn’t figured out which ones are made of plastic.

10/15/14, Home Depot 30 Minutes Before Bedtime

Nina was starting to get squirrely at the Home Depot last night. She was hungry and tired, wouldn’t sit in the cart, and we were almost at wits end and about to abandon our wares.  But then G, in a haze of desperation and brilliance stuffed her into this bucket (that we still haven’t used, ahem), and what do you know…that’s  all she wanted all along.


10/14/14, Learning How to Make a Soy Latte



10/09/14, Whoa, I’ve Been Out of It!

So much has been going on that I never got my act together to do any posts….I can’t believe it’s been two weeks! Wait, who am I explaining myself to? Fairly certain everyone who reads this sees me everyday and knows I’m a mess! 

Just in case you don’t see me everyday, here’s a recap.  I went back to work, Nina is in daycare Monday - Friday, we bought a house which as you can see below, G is busy demolishing.  And Nina is in a booster seat now!!!!  Bye bye highchair, hello ruined table.

More to come soon!

09/22/14, Walking to Get a Smoothie

in LA, obvs. Already miss you Uncle Chris.

09/19/14, So, You Don’t Want To Go On This Ride Again?

Before it started moving….

…after one full circle

09/17/14, Children’s Discovery Museum

DC is really missing out…..the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose was incredible!!!! Someone fund this for the DMV please!

09/16/14, Lil’ Mcconaughey

09/10/14, Max and Nina, Always Hamming It Up

I’m not sure at what point they lost their pants…