Had the Baby, Still Figuring it Out
04/16/14, Loyalty

Nary a nap goes by these days without the company of Lamar, the beautiful bear that takes up twice as much crib space as Nina.

04/10/14, Oops, Totally forgot to blog this past week…..


04/02/14, 15 Month Shots

Nina was pretty out of it with a fever that peaked at 103 from her 15 month shots.  The only positive (besides that she won’t contract pertussis) is that she was SUPER snuggly.

03/31/14, Name The Movie

Swat Cop: Anything else that’ll keep this elevator from falling?

Jack: Yeah. The basement.


03/28/14, Nice Try Air Force

I’m more of a Peace Corps kinda gal.


03/26/14, Oh, Hello There

I’m not interested, just browsing


Well, maybe I’ll take a closer look


I love you, kiss me and never let me goimage

03/24/14, In Celebration of G’s French Canadian Blood…

I present you with Eskimo Nina


03/21/14, Who Wants a Treat?

Between Nina and Rupert it’s hard to tell who is a bigger beggar.


03/19/14, Explain Yourself Edison!

You’re so awesome, but why the dogs with the electrocution?  Come on, not cool, man.


National Portrait Gallery

03/17/14, I Should Be An Editor

Remember my earlier post, where I raised the question of why the publishers felt the need to show a white sheep with a black face as an example of something black? Well, I’ve come across some other peculiar choices in art work in a couple of Nina’s books.

Is that a bag of poison? Come on kids, lets go play in the basement with pickles, potatoes, rats and a heaping mound of ricin.


Dad, it’s one thing to listen to the babysitters debrief from the day, but no need to be a creep about it.